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Beef and Boards Theatre                                                                                 Indianapolis, IN

The Herald Bulletin - “...leading lady Amanda Tong, who plays Stephanie Mangano. She’s a tough chick who catches Tony's eye with her beauty, grace and ambition to make more of herself than expected of her Brooklyn Address.  Tong, last seen at Beef & Boards in "Man of La Mancha" in 2018, doesn't let herself be outshined, dazzling the audience with impressive vocals while more than keeping up with Sartin on the dance floor."

Broadway World = "Another pair of ladies who delivered some excellent performances were Amanda Tong as Stephanie and Kyra Leeds as Annette.  They both belted out some beautiful ballads that let the audience enjoy the softer side of disco."

Asota - "As is usual with B&B’s endeavors, the talent level for Saturday Night Fever is sky high...Stephanie Mangano, Amanda tong brings equal talents to the fore and is also quite striking. These two offer up interesting boy/girl story arc - their love-story aptly played as flirtations blossoming into a fiery coupling, marker by terrific vocal and dance turns."


FLASHDANCE (regional premiere)

Gateway Playhouse                                                                                                Bellport, NY

Broadway World- “Amanda Tong is also fantastic as Alex’s friend, Gloria. She -Gloria- has a rough time and you really root for her throughout the production.


Dan’s Papers- “There are many moments durning the show where you find yourself lost in the spellbinding music, especially the slower arrangement of the hit song “Gloria”. The song fits the story so well, yet it doesn’t loose the flavor of the original. Amanda Tong as the flighty Gloria is everything you want her to be-sweet natured, a little ditzy, but a loyal and loving friend-with that 80’s hair teased and topped with a gaudy headband. Gloria sings her namesake song as her own ballad, softly at first and rising to a crescendo as the show progresses and she finds herself in a bad situation.”



New York Summerfest                                                                                                New York, NY

Winner of best singer for the Summerfest

Into the woods-Cinderella crop.jpg


Beef and Boards Theatre                                                                                 Indianapolis, IN

Indy's Child Parenting Magaize - "Standouts in this strong cast include Amanda Tong as indecisive Cinderella, questioning what she should truly wish for."


A Seat on the Aisle - "All-Star cast...Amanda Tong brings us a lovely and gentle Cinderella. Great voices and terrific acting meld into a production that leaves you with a rather large WOW factor."


Zionsville Times Sentinel - "Tong has a lovely voice...'No One Is Alone' nearly brought me to tears."


Stage Write Indy - "Amanda Tong as Cinderella is another standout. The troubled girl goes from one bad situation to another, with only the birds as her friends."


ROCK OF AGES (regional premiere)

Gateway Playhouse                                                                                                Bellport, NY

Dans Papers- "Rock of Ages—a stunner of a production! It lives up to its name, as it will literally rock your world. The cast is sexy and sensational, bringing to life an era of badass and bad hair, with vocals that left me stunned and grinning from ear to ear."


New York Theatre Guide- "Are you ready to rock?! It’s loud, flashy, energetic and tons of fun...The cast of this production is phenomenal. Not only are they amazing singers, but the dancing and choreography of this show are beautifully done. Rock of Ages is a raucous, irreverent barrel of laughs."


New York Times- " Rock of Ages is an entertaining, high-energy party. It's tunes, they bubble with hard-driving rhythm and are delivered with great enthusiasm by a talented, full-throated cast."



Beef and Boards Theatre                                                                                  Indianapolis, IN

Herald Bulletin- "This production is one of the best musicals at Beef & Board Dinners Theatre in the last few years. More importantly, the show is a rewarding performance with a joyous spirit."


Beef'n'Boards BlogSpot- "Sister Acts Rocks the House...The frosting on this fun and entertaining musical is the talented ensemble cast."


Gotta Go Elizabeth BlogSpot- "Beef and Boards' Sister Act shines with its strong female performers for this family friendly (and hilarious) production."



Show Palace Theatre                                                                                            Hudson, FL

Tampa Bay Times- 

"Lighthearted story, heavy-duty dancing spark 'Crazy for You' at Show Palace"


"What it takes for this show to really take off are fine voices, exciting choreography done by accomplished dancers, sets, costumes, sounds and lights designed to work with the show, and a director who knows what is going on in every corner — and this production has all that and more.


There's real pleasure, too, in smooth ballroom dancing by Ramsey's (Bobby) and Ms. Tong's (Polly) to Gershwin classics like Shall We Dance and Embraceable You. The duo also get a chance to showcase their pleasing voices, Ms. Tong on Someone to Watch Over Me and But Not for Me."

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